But since they are in the business of keeping their customers, they make sure their security is top-notch so as to instill trust. If an online casino is reputable, it will have the following things:


Privacy Policy: Every online casino should have a compact privacy policy that is clearly stated for all to read somewhere on the website. Nine times out of ten, you will find a link to the policy on the front page, usually near bottom. Go over this and make sure that they keep all of your information safe before you download a casino client. Also, check to be sure that they do not sell or solicit the names of their customers to other places. Though at signup they may ask you to opt-in to receive such mailings, you can decline. This ensures that you will not be barraged with spam or junk in your snail mail, either.


Encryption: Encryption technology is a key ingredient for online casino security. What this does is make it tough, if not impossible, for a hacker to crack into the information database of the casino site and get sensitive information like credit card numbers or other account info. In terms of encryption, the best kind would be 128-bit SSL encryption. This is the same kind that is used by most banks, credit card companies and online sites that accept credit card payments. You may have noticed in the past that you see a small icon of a lock on the bottom of your window that may say something like 128-bit SSL, this means that you are using a secure page and all information being submitted is secure from hackers and thieves. If a site has less than 128-bit, it is not as safe. A select few have increased the security to higher than 128, which is always good. But just remember that 128 is more than adequate and is pretty much an industry standard at this point.


Financial Transaction Records: Depending on the method of deposit you used, there may or may not be a record of your deposits. The good news is that a growing number of online casinos are offering complete financial histories that can be had with a few painless clicks of your mouse. This also allows the site to be able to do a full audit if need be for any reason, and will make any disputes that arise easier to research and resolve. These records should also use SSL encryption.